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Color Macro Tokens

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You can use macros to change the value of one or more color of your template, at run-time.


To do this, in your Quark template, define one or more colors named with a name of the form:




where XX represents any number from 01 to 30, corresponding to the range of allowed Macro Index values, and AnyName is a name of your choosing (such as WinterHeader).


Then, whenever one of these macro colors is selected in macros, saras or as text formatting, the macro of index XX of the color name will be evaluated, and the color actually used will be the value of the sResult coming from that macro's evaluation.




The 3 colors defined in the template on the left, will create entries for the Macro Indices 21-22-23 in the macro options dialog on the right.

List of Colors in QuarkXPress

List of Colors in QuarkXPress

List of Macro Indices in Q++Studio

List of Macro Indices in Q++Studio

macro colors can then be used as any color

macro colors can then be used as any color

The macros specified for these indices can be any macro, with the following remarks:


The name of the color is specified as the value of sRESULT in a macro whose bRESULT value is true.

In the case of macros used for colors, only the value of sRESULT and bRESULT count, that is say, the color of the resulting actions settings will be ignored.


Note that Macro Colors can be used as one of the template colors, just like any other color, although it is not possible to use a Macro Color in a Sara, either directly, or indirectly.


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