Compiler Messages

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Compiler Messages

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When Q++Studio compiles a macro and encounters a syntax error or a possible bug in your logic, it generates a compiler message.



Macro compiler messages are subdivided into 3 levels:



Hint messages indicate that the macro being compiled has some unnecessary code. This can either result in an inefficient (slow) macro, or could be the sign that there is a logical bug in your macro.


Warning messages indicate that the macro being compiled could give unpredictable results under certain circumstances. The causes for this is usually a variable which may not be initialized under certain circumstances.


Error messages indicate that the macro being compiled cannot be understood by the compiler (ie. some of the code in the macro does not follow the rules of the macro language).


You can access the help topic corresponding to the message displayed in the compiler messages window, by selecting the message and pressing the F1 key. The topics below list all the possible macro compiler messages and present a brief explanation of how they may be corrected.


See also: the macro language and compiling macros and messages overview.

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