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Begin/End Rules for Daily and Weekly DiaryGridLines

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If the template selected for the current DiaryGridLine was defined as a daily or weekly template, then editing either of the begin/end rule properties brings up a calendar-like property editor.


The elements of a begin/end rule for daily and weekly DiaryGridLines are:



The begin/end date. It can be modified by other elements.

Year Offset

The difference between the year of the day-month pair, and the year as defined in the year property.

Week Matching

When this option is selected, Q++Studio will set the begin/end date to match the beginning or end of the week.


For example if you wished your diaries to always start at the beginning of the week that contains Christmas, then you would set the options as Dec-25 (Y-1) and set Week Matching to true.


Some remarks:


The begin/end rules are independent of one another. So, for example, you could want your diary to start at the beginning of the week that contains January 1st, but want to end your diary exactly on December 31st.


Week Matching follows the setting of week start defined for each DiaryGridLine, in the grid options property. If you set Week Start to Saturday for a given DiaryGridLine, you could therefore have a rule that defines the begin or end date of your diary as the Saturday before January 1st (or any other date).


Usually weekly diaries should be created with the Week Matching option set to true. If it is not, Q++Studio will split the GridTemplate at the front and/or the back of the diary to come as close as possible to the begin/end date you chose. However, due to the structure of weekly grids, the resulting output may include some extra days.


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