The Q++Studio Data Import From Excel Dialog

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The Q++Studio Data Import From Excel Dialog

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The Data Import from Excel dialog is the base dialog used to import different types of data into Q++Studio from an Excel file.



For any type of data being imported, the use of this dialog is the same :


1.Use the top half of the dialog to select an Excel file. As soon as a file is selected, a preview of it is displayed in the bottom half of the dialog. Note that you can prepare an Excel file to import formatted data (bold, italic, ...).


2.The preview's headers display the information that Q++Studio expects to find in each column. Make sure the information in the selected Excel file matches.


3.Set the line number (or row number) at which the import should start. As you change this value in the spinner, the lines that will be imported are highlighted, while the lines above remain un-selected (see screenshot above). If your Excel file contains a first row with titles, make sure that row is not included in the rows to be imported.


4.Use the Ignore Font Size(s) option (if displayed) to tell Q++Studio whether the font size of text in each Excel cell should part of the imported attributes (ignore none), or whether it should be totally ignored (ignore all), or if the only sizes that should be imported are those that differ from a specific default size (ignore size).


5.Depending on the type of data being imported, set any additional options such as : convert text to symbols.


6.Click on the IMPORT button.


Once importation is complete, a dialog will come up informing you of the number of recurring holidays successfully imported.

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