Minicalendar Starting Date Offset Modifiers

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Minicalendar Starting Date Offset Modifiers

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You can add an offset to a MiniCalendar Token. This is often used for one-line minicalendars, in particular if they span 2 pages.


The offset is appended to the MiniCalendar token either as a relative or absolute offset.


relative offset

A relative offset is of the form :+XX or :-XX, and instructs Q++Studio that the first occurence of a date in the MiniCalendar (ie. the first @) shall be offset by XX days relative to the Monday which contains the first of the month (or whichever day is set in the Week Start option of the MiniCals property). Note that the standard minicalendar token [4mc+00] is a special case of a relative offset of value 0.

absolute offset

Absolute offsets are of the form :XX (no + sign), and simply instruct Q++Studio to start counting on the XXth of the month.


In the samples below, the 2 top textboxes correspond to the left page and right page of a MiniCalendar using a relative offset, and the  2 bottom textboxes above show absolute offsets.




Generating a script which uses the above tokens, one gets the following output :




Note again how the top left textbox corresponds to the case of a standard MiniCalendar token, and that all the MiniCalendar options, such as Show Outside Days, still work the same way (see also the section of DayHeaders in Minicalendar Options).


See also: Minicalendar Current Week Offset Modifier, Minicalendar Year Offset Modifier, Minicalendar Offset from Script Year Modifier, and Date Offset Suffixes.

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