QuarkXPress Default Document Preferences

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QuarkXPress Default Document Preferences

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There are 3 levels of Preferences in QuarkXPress, each of which can be accessed through the Edit menu followed by the Preferences menu item :



These preferences relate to the use of the QuarkXPress software on your workstation and have no influence of the final output files generated by Q++Studio and QuarkXPress.

Open Document Preferences

These preferences are extremely important as they govern many of the finer details of how the currently opened QuarkXPress looks like. These preferences include: the value to use for auto-leading, for small caps, for subscript, for superscript, ...

Default Document Preferences

Default Document Preferences cover the same settings as Open Document Preferences, but they apply to any new document created in QuarkXPress. These preferences do not have a corresponding menu item; to modify them, close all open QuarkXPress documents and use the Edit/Preferences/Document menu combination.



Setting the Default Document Preferences of the internal Quark on your workstation is very important, as it will determine the settings used by new documents created by the internal QuarkXPress (ie. the generated diaries).

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