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Diary Generation Options - During / After

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During Generation


The During Generation Diary Generation Options below are used to tweak the way Q++Studio behaves during diary generation and correspond to options of the Generation Options property.


Highlight token errors

Use this option to have Q++Studio set the background of any textbox containing a message/error to yellow. This is only really useful if you do not have the time to review the output file and must send the output file immediately to someone that does not have Q++Studio installed on his/her PC. Otherwise you are better off using the tools provided to view diary generation messages and leaving this option unchecked.

Keep log of errors

This options should always be set to true unless you are experiencing a particular problem and technical support has instructed you to turn this option off.

Hide PlaceHolder labels

If this option is checked, the pages generated from PlaceHolders ScriptLines will be blank, indistinguishable from pages generated from BlankPages ScriptLines.

Test for text overflow

This option tells Q++Studio to check for text overflow in any of the textboxes in which it performs text replacement (if a textbox does not contain any tokens then any text overflow inside it is assumed to be know or voluntary on the part of the person who desined the GridTemplate). You should always set this option to true, except in some rare cases, using QuarkXPress 3.3x, when the use of this option with a particular GridTemplate causes Quark to crash during diary generation (but even with Quark 3.3x, this is extremely rare).

Trim Blank Pages

Use this option, true by default, to have diary generation stop at the last non-blank page of the diary (follow the link to the corresponding property on the left for more details on what constitutes a blank page). This option can speed up diary generation, particularly step 3, page copying, for large diaries that contain over 200-300 pages.


After Generation


The After Generation Diary Generation Options below cover the steps to be performed by Q++Studio after a diary has been generated (a link is provided whenever a property can be used to set this option for the current script or as a default).


Open output file

If this option is on, then the QuarkXPress file corresponding to the generated diary will automatically open at the end of diary generation.

Clear command file

This option should be set to true if you are using Quark 3. If you are using Quark 4 or above, this option has no effect.

Beep on completion

Use this option to have the internal speaker of your PC emit a short beep to indicate that diary generation is complete.

Execute Saras (if any)

The property corresponding to this option should always be set to true (what's the point of setting-up Saras if you do not perform them?), but on occasion, when testing out specific parts of a diary, you may wish to temporarily turn off this option here in the diary generation option.

Export to PDF

This option exports the generated output file, if it contains no error, to PDF using the Quark Output Style specified below this option's checkbox.


If you want any of the above settings values to be standard for all new script created in the future, then you can change the default values of all the diary generation options that correspond to ScriptLine Property by going to the Execution Preferences.