Editing the List of Saras in a SaraSet

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Editing the List of Saras in a SaraSet

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To edit the list of Saras in a SaraSet, you must be in the Q++Studio Sara Engine; you cannot do it from within the SaraSets Manager. The list of saras in the currently displayed SaraSet is located at the left of the Q++Studio Sara Engine.


There are 8 buttons at the top of the list :



From left to right :


Save and Cancel

Saves or cancels any changes made to the currently selected Sara.


Creates a new Sara, below the currently selected Sara. Another option, if a similar Sara already exists in the list, is to use the DUPLICATE button, or if a similar Sara exists in another Sara Set, to use the INSERT button.


Creates a duplicate of the currently selected Sara.


Inserts an existing Sara from any of the SaraSets, including the current one.


Removes the current Sara from the SaraSet. Another option, if the removal is to be only temporary, is to disable the current Sara.

Up and Down

Changes the order in which the Saras are executed. Remember that DiaryGridLine Saras are executed before Saras applied to the entire output file.



All the above buttons become enabled or disabled to give you a visual clue as to what operations are allowed (based on the current Sara) and whether the current Sara has been modified or not. Finally, note that if they are sloppily setup, Saras can easily amount to the same time, even more, than the time needed to generate a diary.

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