Holiday Validity and Exceptions Recurrence Options

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Holiday Validity and Exceptions Recurrence Options

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Set the Validity of recurring holidays to indicated the range of years to which the rule applies. By default, each recurring holiday is created with its validity set to Always, meaning that the rule is valid for all years. You can set the validity to Beginning or Ending, in case of a new holiday or a holiday being dropped on a given year. Set the validity to From/To if a given holiday rule is only valid for a range of years. Set the validity to Except, to indicate that a holiday rule will not be applied for a year or a range of years (for example, in the UK, the Late Spring Holiday is replaced in 2002 by the Queen's Golden Jubilee).


Use Exceptions to holidays rules when a recurring holiday almost always follows the same recurrence rule, but not always. Exception to rules allow you to use recurrence rules, and to specify the years for which the rule does not apply. Note that in these cases, you could also use the arbitrary dates type of recurrence, but that would deprive you of the power of recurrence rules most of the time just because a few years do not fit the rule.


The exceptions to the recurrence rule of a recurring holiday are displayed below the rule type.



The exceptions EditBox displays the list of the years for which there is an exception, and the effect of these exceptions can be seen in the sample dates area below the recurrence rule itself.



There are 2 types of exceptions.


The first type of exception is when, on a given year, a holiday's occurrence is moved to a date that does not fit the usual rule (or when the best one can do is to construct an approximate rule).



The second type of exceptions is when a holiday that usually occurs every year, does not occur for a given year. For example, the Spring Bank Holiday in the UK was skipped in 2002 to be replaced, that year only, by the Queen's Golden Jubilee.



Note that in both cases, if a year appears in the exceptions list, then the recurrence rule and all its options (such as conflict checking) will be totally ignored for that year.

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