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Installed Fonts

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The Installed Fonts tool displays the list of fonts, seen as available by the current version of QuarkXPress used by Q++Studio, in an advanced data grid.


The list contains 3 columns:


Font Name: this is the name of the font. When dealing with complex font families with font styles, this name will also include the font style (for example: Univers LT Std 85 Extra Black Oblique).

Postscript Name: this column displays the postscript font name, for complex font families with styles, when using QuarkXPress 2018 and above.

Quark 2018+: a check-box in this column indicates a font that is only available when using QuarkXPress 2018 and above.

Note that no postscript name is listed for screen fonts, which do not require QuarkXPress 2018.


Using the Postscript Name of a font


The Postscript Name value is there, mostly for your information.


However, you will need this value when using the FormatText macro function and referring to one of the Quark 2018+ fonts that require QuarkXPress 2018.


In the code example, below, which refers to fonts visible in the image above, a first call to FormatText refers to Arial, a screen font, and therefore only uses the font name.

sDate = FormatText(sDate, 'f Arial, COLOR(Pantone 231U)', -1)
sWeekday = FormatText(sWeekday, 'f Arial Bold=Arial-BoldMT', -1)

However, the second call to FormatText refers to Arial Bold, a font that requires QuarkXPress 2018. In that case both the Font Name and the Postscript Name, separated by an equal sign, must be passed to the FormatText function.


Refreshing the list of installed fonts


If you have installed a new font, you can refresh the list of available fonts, as seen by Q++Studio, using the refresh fonts list tool.


See also: font names issue, fonts usage report and fonts used in a template.