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Force Start

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Applies to the following ScriptLines : BackPages, BlankPages, DiaryGridLines, FrontPages, PlaceHolder, QxdPages.


This property is used to control the pagination of your diaries, when you do not have all pages yet. For example you may be missing some info pages at the front, but still want to look at the pagination of the dated part of the diary. This property can take on 4 values :


Left Page

This setting tells Q++Studio that whatever ScriptLine it applies to must start on a left page. If the next available page is a right page, then Q++Studio will insert an undefined page before creating the pages for the current ScriptLine.

Right Page

Same as above, but with a right page.

Signature Break

This setting tells Q++Studio that pages for the current ScriptLine must start right after a signature break. This is often the setting used for PlaceHolder pages which save spaces for customer supplied artwork.


This tells Q++Studio to generate pages for the current ScriptLine without any regard for the position of the next available page. This is the default setting.


Note :


In the case of a DiaryGridLine, the Force Start property does not appear in the Properties Inspector, because these ScriptLines use the value of the First Page is Template property instead.


This property is disabled for any ScriptLine which belongs to an Insert block. The start of the insertion is governed by the Insert First Page property of the parent Insert ScriptLine.

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