Holiday Duration Recurrence Options

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Holiday Duration Recurrence Options

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The Weekdays recurrence options lets you specify that a holiday lasts for more than one day. This is useful for Chinese, Muslim and Hindu holidays. Some remarks :


The name of the recurring holiday will be the same for all dates, unless the name contains tokens, in which case the tokens will be evaluated according to the date of each of the days of the holiday.


If Holiday A conflict rules point to Holiday B, and Holiday B lasts for more than one day, then a conflict will be noted if the date of Holiday A corresponds with any of the dates of Holiday B.


As usual, the Exception to Rule setting overrides all other settings including Holiday Duration. If you have an exception to rule that lasts for more than one day, then you should enter each individual date into the Exception to Rule editor.


Note that if you have a holiday which lasts more than 1 day, but whose name varies every day (for example Hanukkah), then you could either create 1 holiday per day, each with the same type options, but each with an increasing offset value, or use a variable name for your holiday rule.


See also: Holiday Names Variations.

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