Holidays and Holidays 2 (MiniCalendar Options)

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Holidays and Holidays 2 (MiniCalendar Options)

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The Holidays and Holidays2 options allow you to specify specific Font attributes for any date on which a holiday from the selected Holidays List occurs. Use these options to personnalize MiniCalendars with special customer dates and/or holidays from a country.


In some cases you may want to go further and display a box, oval, circle, frame, ..., to highlight the dates when a holiday occurs, as shown in the examples below :



In such cases, you should use the Holidays and Holidays2 options described here to specify the attributes change (if any) of the numbers when there is a holiday (1 and 6 in the examples above), and the Show only on Holidays Minicalendar Modifier using one of the Alternate Font Formats.

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