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InDesign Beta Version Release Notes

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This page lists the features added and bugs fixed during the final stages of development of the version of Q++Studio with support for InDesign 2020 and 2021.


In Progress InDesign Beta as of May 7, 2021  (build 22716)


Implemented stand-alone saras.


Added and documented support for special character markers that are specific to InDesign.


InDesign Beta 3 of April 30, 2021  (build 22696)


Saras now support regular expressions.

InDesign Tables are now supported for token replacement and saras.

BOXFIT and BOXGROW tokens are implemented.

Many text in box attributes are implemented.

All box background attributes are implemented.

All box frame attributes are implemented.

The page markers for kept deleted pages are fully implemented.

Place Holders are fully implemented.


Added message 185750 to warn you if the result of a token was to try to delete a table cell.

Gradient colors are now also being included as the result of scanning.

The main grid's bleed and slug values are now applied to the output file, when using the use main grid as seed for generation diary generation option, or you may specify these values on a script-by-script basis.

The color preview of scanned templates has been improved so that, now, all scanned colors appear with a color preview, even Pantone colors.


Saras searching for text in a specific text attribute would not find text which use the [None] character style, if the text attribute searched for was the same as that specified in the Basic Character Formats of the [Basic Paragraph] paragraph style. (Alpha, 29-apr-2021).

Saras searching for text in a specific text attribute (such as 12 points size) would not find text whose attribute was set in an underlying character style, rather than the text's attributes' overrides. (Alpha, 28-apr-2021).

The spurious appearance of message 185310, once for each table, has been resolved (24-apr-2021).

Saras looking for non-integer font sizes would never find the corresponding text (Alpha, 22-apr-2021).

Tracking was being applied instead of kerning for token replacement and saras (22-apr-2021).

If some anchored boxes were being changed to picture boxes, then the text overflow verification could emit spurious text overflow messages for these converted boxes (17-apr-2021).

The selection of a color in the text attributes editor would cause an error if any of the CMYK color components were 100% (JMata, 17-apr-2021)

The basic alignment of an inserted picture was being ignored if the fit box to picture attribute was active (Alpha, 16-apr-2021).

Using a PDF as SARA replacement would fail (JMata, 5-apr-2021).


InDesign Beta 2 of March 31, 2021  (build 22620)


Support for physical sections.

Support for moving and resizing textboxes.

Support for placeholder script lines.

Support for pdf pages script lines.

Insertion and placement of images (macros, saras, image tokens, recurring holidays, one-time-dates and slogans).


The diary generation option keep deleted pages now removes all items of the kept pages and displays the appropriate message.

Removed spurious messages about trying to move/resize a non-rectangular box.


Fixed a spurious missing color message in scripts using place holders (JMata, 31-mar-2021).

Added code to protect against InDesign ignoring a trailing return in a search string, if that search string was at the end of a textbox, minus the trailing return (Alpha, 17-mar-2021)

If there were anchored boxes within linked boxes, then scanning would list anchored boxes multiple times, once per box in the linked chain (Alpha, 16-mar-2021).


InDesign Beta 1 of March 16, 2021  (build 22570)


Release of the first public beta version of Q++Studio with support for InDesign 2020 and 2021.


The covered features set corresponds roughly to that of Q++Studio at the beginning of 2017.


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