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Launch internal QuarkXPress

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Use the "TOOLS|launch internal Quark" menu to launch the internal copy of QuarkXPress. This feature is mainly used for debugging and is rarely used in the normal course of Q++Studio use. Its main purpose is to compare the output file's appearance if you are using QuarkXPress 3.3x internally and QuarkXPress 4 for regular use (see Updating QuarkXPress Preferences).


IMPORTANT : When closing the internal QuarkXPress, make sure that all floating palettes are closed (measurements, document layout, style sheets, tools, ...). This will speed up diary generation as QuarkXPress will not have to update the display of each of the palettes each time it performs one of the 1000+ operations on average. Also, the presence of the style sheets palette in the internal QuarkXPress has been linked to Quark crashes when opening more than 1 file during diary generation.

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