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Updating the Q++Studio Program (XV4) 64-bit

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Launching the Updater


To standard, and easiest, way to update the XV4 version of the Q++Studio main program is to use the XV4 Updater, which avoids all the issues related to UAC rights under Windows 7, 8 and 10, and downloads for you the latest updater from the web.



You can launch the universal updater by double-clicking on the corresponding desktop icon (make sure that you are clicking on this exact icon, to avoid trying to launch an older version of the updater).



If you cannot find the above exact icon on your desktop, you can launch the updater manually from:




If you cannot find the exact file Q++StudioUpdaterXV4.exe on your PC, try to copy the folder C:\Q++StudioXV4\Utilities\ from one PC where it is to the one where that folder is missing. If none of the above works, please contact technical support.




Once you launch the updater, and have accepted the license agreement, the updater will scan your computer to ensure that all the large, rarely changing, but needed core Q++Studio files, are there, and in the correct version.



This can take a few minutes.



Update Build and Type Selection


After that initial scan, you will be presented with a dialog allowing you to choose the update build number, source and the type of update you wish to perform.


If you only wish to update your licenses, but not the software itself, then you can click CANCEL now.


Build installed on this computer

This is the Q++Studio build (version) currently installed on your computer.

Select an updater

Depending on the situation, you may be able to choose from up to 4 different sources for the update.


re-apply build currently installed on this PC

Use this option for the case where a previous installation of the same build number has failed, or if some of the key Q++Studio files have been deleted from your computer (messages 177000, 180980 and 174140).

update to build already installed on the server

This option will be relevant if you are working in a setup with multiple users all connected to the same LAN database server, and some other users have already installed a later build.

update to a build already downloaded

This option would be used if someone, usually technical support, has copied the updater to a particular build directly into your server's updates folder. This would be done if you have requested a special feature and technical support wishes to have you test a beta build that should not be available online, yet, for other users.

download the latest updater from the web

This option is the one to use in most cases, unless, as mentioned above, you are working in a setup with multiple users all connected to the same LAN database server, and some other users have already installed a later build.

Update type

The update type LOCAL will be available if you are working in a setup with multiple users, and some other users have already installed the build you selected. Otherwise only the FULL type of update will be available..


Where to Run the Updater


The Q++Studio main program updater needs to be run once per workstation, regardless of the number of databases.