The QuarkXPress Measurements Palette

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The QuarkXPress Measurements Palette

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The QuarkXPress Measurements Palette is used to format the currently selected object in a QuarkXPress document. It can be shown or hidden using the corresponding menu item from the View menu. Because it is used to format different types of objects (text, lines, pictureboxes), the Measurements Palette takes on slightly different appearences depending on the nature of the selected object.


Below is the Mesurements Palette when the selected object is a textbox :



Some remarks on the above fields and buttons :


left, top,

height, width

Use these field to specify the left, top coordinates of the selected textbox, and its width and height.

box angle

Use this field to specify the angle of the selected object from the horizontal (0 degrees is normal, 90 degrees is vertical).


Use these buttons to flip the selected text either horizontally or vertically.






Use this field to adjust the leading between the current line of text and the previous one. The default auto value uses a leading that is proportional to the current font size, the proportionality being determined by the corresponding setting of the current document's preferences.


In the example above, an auto-leading of 20% means that text that is 10 points in size will lead to a leading of 12 points, using auto-leading.


Use this field to adjust the kerning between pairs of characters. Note that to kern a pair of characters you only need to place the cursor between the 2 characters; you do not need to select both characters.



font name

The name of the font used to display the currently selected text. Note that this field can be empty if the selected text uses more than one font, or if the font of the selected text is not present on the workstation (in this case, do not try to change this as it will remember the correct font once the file is opened on a workstation where the proper font is installed).

font attributes

These buttons can be used to set or remove attributes from the currently selected text. These buttons can also display in a partially set state in the selected text contains attributes for only part of the selection length.


font size

Use this field to specify the font size of the currently selected text. Note that the minimum size is 2 points and that you can specify up to 2 decimals.





Use these buttons to specify the alignment of the current paragraph (remember that paragraphs are delimited by hard returns; soft returns do not delineate paragraphes).


One extremely powerful feature of the mesurements palette is that most of the individual editors within it are very smart. For example, regardless of the units you are using in the current file, you can type the following text in the width box :


 25 + 2*0,12


and QuarkXPress will automatically convert it to 25,24. This feature is available in many other of the editors in QuarkXPress, such as in the Step and Repeat dialog where it is invaluable.

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