MiniCalendar Modifiers

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MiniCalendar Modifiers

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MiniCalendar modifiers are suffixes of the form :XXX which are appended to the MiniCalendar Marker Token to indicate to Q++Studio that there is something globally special about this minicalendar (either an additional property is added, or in the case of the override modifiers, a property that is set in the minical options is overriden for a specific minicalenader).


[4mc+00:16]           [4mc+00:zn4]


Some examples :


Date Offset Modifiers : indicate to Q++Studio that the minicalendar should not start on the date of the beginning of the week containing the first of the month (the usual case), but rather with an offset. This is particularly useful for one-line minicalendars.


Number of Weeks Modifiers : these enable you to selectively delete any minicalendar when the displayed month does not have the proper number of partial weeks. This is useful when you want the minicalendars to look different depending if there are 4, 5 or 6 partial weeks.


These and other modifiers are covered in the following sections.

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