MiniCalendar Week Numbers Markers

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MiniCalendar Week Numbers Markers

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The first w# in a MiniCalendar token textbox is evaluated as the week number containing the first of the month (unless the token uses an offset). If needed you can also simply use the # symbol.



The other ones follow sequentially.



There is specific behaviour, if the setting Week Starts is set to Sundays :


The value of w# always refers to the Monday of that row.

If Days Outside of Month is set to hide, and if the last day of the month is a Sunday, then the last week number will be repeated, since the Sunday does not belong to the following week (see example above).


If all the dates of the 6th week of a MiniCalendar belong to the following month, then that week number will not be displayed (it can also occur on rare occasions fo the 5th week, if February begins on a Monday).


See also : One-Line-Minicalendars.




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