Monthly Bactrack Every Month

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Monthly Bactrack Every Month

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In a grid of this structure, each month "lives" in a block of 42 possible DayValues (month 1 is from 1-42, month 2 from 43-84, etc…).


If the grid is not splittable, Q++Studio simply verifies that none of the DayValues exceeds the maximum expected DayValue (42 times the total number of months in the grid).


If the grid is splittable, Q++Studio will verify that DayValues fall within blocks of 42 per month, and that these block are evenly spread across the grid's pages. For example, in a "4 months on 2 pages" grid, Q++Studio would expect to find DayValues in the range 1-84 on page 1, and in the range 85-168 on page 2.


The messages issued are only warnings to allow for the fact that someone may always create a complex enough grid which breaks the expected DayValues rules.

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