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Occurences Count

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Read-only property of the ScriptLine: Inserts.


This read-only property displays the total number of occurrences of an insertion, based on the starting and endings dates of the parent DiaryGridLine, and the totality of the insertions stemming from the insertion rules of the current Insert ScriptLine (the Specific Dates, Repeating Dates, and Variable Dates properties).


You can get an overview of all the occurrences in an Insert ScriptLine by inspecting the All Dates property.


Note that if 2 or more of the Specific Dates, Repeating Dates, and Variable Dates properties generate the same date as an insertion occurrence, that date will only be counted once.


If a DiaryGridLine has 2 Insert ScriptLines, and both of these generate an insertion on the same date, then each Insert will generate its pages on that date. In principle these pages will be inserted in the order in which the Inserts appear in the Script Editor, but the combination of Insert Occurrence, Insert First Page and the inserted template's Start Grid on, can lead to unexpected sequences of pages and it is always best to setup your script so that only one Insert ScriptLine ever generates an insert at the same time.


See also: Page Count, Pages/Occurence.