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Property of the ScriptLines: BlankPages, Inserts, BackPages, FrontPages, PlaceHolders.


This ScriptLine Property can be editable or read-only, depending on the ScriptLine to which it belongs.


Use this property to set the number of pages for the BlankPages and PlaceHolders ScriptLines.


On the other hand, this is a read-only property displaying the total number of pages contained by the BackPages, FrontPages, and Insert ScriptLines and all their children.


In all cases, the manner in which this property's value is displayed in the Scripts Editor indicates if it is editable or read-only:


It is surrounded by parentheses () if the page count can be directly modified

It is surrounded by braces [] if the page count is a read-only value calculated by Q++Studio internally.


See also: occurences count, pages/occurence.