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One of the available Q++Studio documentation formats is as a PDF format manual.




The book-like presentation of the PDF format is useful for some topics which follow each other, and it also has features that ordinary books do not have :


An interactive Table of Contents, on the left lets you navigate the topics hierarchy easily.

Hyperlinks (text in green) reference other topics and let you jump directly to these topics.

Hyper-graphics (cursor changes to a hand) let you click on parts of an image and jump to the appropriate topic.

An Index which can be combined with the page navigator (at the bottom of the window) to quickly jump to index entries.


In addition, the Q++Studio PDF documentation can be useful if you are designing a GridTemplate on a Macintosh and wish to access the Q++Studio documentation while working on a Macintosh (another option is to use the web-based online documentation).


See also: Windows Help, Web Help.