Previewing a Script

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Previewing a Script

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To preview the Current Script, use the RUN|preview menu item or press F8. The preview shows you your Script, from Q++'s point of view : signatures, pages, dates, tokens , etc…



The Script Preview window is made up of 3 zones each displaying a different level of information :


Page and Signature Layout

Global information about the script; signatures, pages sequence, undefined pages, ....

Dates contained in selected page

Shows all the dates contained in the selected page.

Tokens an their values

Lists all the tokens contained in the selected page and shows their converted value.


If the page currently selected comes from a DiaryGridLine or a QxdPages ScriptLine, you can double-click on it (or use the magnifying glass button at the top right), to preview the GridTemplate. You can also export the page layout to an Excel file.

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