Recursive Tokens

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Recursive Tokens

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The principle of recursion, as it applies to tokens, is that a token is converted to a string which contains one or more tokens. This in turn leads to the conversion of these tokens as part of the conversion of the original token. This recursion will go on until no more tokens are found as the result of a token conversion.


Q++Studio has safeguards to prevent a Script or Macro from going into an infinite loop recursion.


The term recursive tokens is a bit of a misnomer, since what cause the recursion is not anything specific to the token itself, but what is supplied as the token translation.


For example of the use of a recursive token see the token [:dmmmm]. Recursion of Macro Tokens is discussed in the topic on Macro Tokens, and the [MonthHeader] tokens and the [GenTokens] tokens are special built-in recursive tokens used in Q++Studio.

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