Insert Dates (repeating)

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Insert Dates (repeating)

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Property of the ScriptLine : Inserts.


Use this property to set repeating dates on which an insertion occurs. By "repeating" we mean dates that come back every year such as "January 10th" or "March 31st". This is similar in spirit to the Fixed Date Holidays.



At the bottom of this property editor, there are options to specify that the very first and/or very last occurrence of an insertion should be skipped.



The possible values for these 2 options can be Never (the default), Always, or limited to when the first/last occurrence is on a particular month.


Consider, for example, a diary whose main grid is a weekly with monthly plan-ahead pages inserted as close as possible to the 1st of the month (ie. before the 4th of the following month as shown above)


The Skip First Occurrence option is needed if that diary is designed so that it begins with a monthly insert regardless of the first normal weekly pages, so that we do not have 2 weekly pages followed by the first monthly insert and then other weekly pages. In such a case, you would set the Skip First Occurrence option to Always and then place a single occurrence of the monthly insert pages at the end of the Front Pages section of the Script.


The Skip Last Occurrence option would be needed in cases when there should be no monthly insert of the following year at the end of the weekly grid. In such a case, you would set the Skip Last Occurrence option to January to ensure that there is no last January monthly insert. You would not want to use Always because in the example above there is a possibility that the weekly grid would stop on Sunday, December 31, meaning that no Insert would be triggered by January 4, and therefore the last Insert being skipped would be that of December of the diary year, something that we do not want.


Note that if you select February 28th, Q++Studio will interpret that choice using the property Rule for Feb. 28 to determine whether you meant to insert on every occurrence of February 28, or only if the 28th is the last day of February (ie. on non-leap years).


See also: Insert Dates (specific) and Insert Dates (variable).

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