**RICH** and **TEXT**

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**RICH** and **TEXT**

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If your output file contains weird text such as "**RICH**", "**TEXT**""**MOON**", "**PHASE**", "EeEeE", "**AUTO**", "**STICKER**", this is because QuarkXPress cannot find the text to be replaced that Q++Studio has instructed it to replace. This this comes from the fact that when evaluating recursive tokens with different fonts (such as Holidays Symbols or Moon Phases), Q++Studio puts markers for each token to be replaced. But sometimes when recursion is deep enough, the token to which this marker applies has already been replaced before the marker is found, hence this message.


To resolve that problem, you should set the script's Multi-Pass property to yes to force Q++Studio to evaluate each textbox in as many passes as it takes to convert all text.

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