Sections in QuarkXPress

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Sections in QuarkXPress

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From the Page menu of QuarkXPress you can select the Sections menu item to specify that the page currently selected in the Document Layout palette is the start of a section, and that it should start at an arbitrary page number.


The problem with the use of QuarkXPress pages that belong to a Section, is that they keep on thinking that their page number is the page number set in the section of the original file, even after being copied to a new file. So, for example, using a 2-page GridTempate where the first page is 55 and the second is 56, generates an output file where all the pages are either 55 or 56, instead of 1, 2, 3, 4 ... This causes errors in tokens replacement and Saras since the entire firle is only made up of pages 55 and 56.


For these reasons, you should always remove sections from any QuarkXPress files that you want to use as GridTemplate (you should probably also do it for plain Quark Files).

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