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Setting Email Parameters

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To use the technical support to send the current script and attachments, you will need to setup the options below.


Server Type




The MAPI server type will launch your default email client, having pre-filled the email to address, the title, the text of the message and attached the relevant files.


The use of the MAPI server type option is very convenient as requires no knowledge of the email parameters to use.

The one inconvenient of the MAPI server type option, however, is that all attachments are sent in one single email.


Usually, this inconvenient is not an issue, as attachments for technical support emails rarely total more than 6-8 MB, an email size accepted by most email servers, nowadays. This can, however, be an issue if your templates include images. If the templates of your script include images, then you should use the SMTP server type.




The best way to use the Q++Studio technical support is to select the SMTP server type, whose settings are discussed below,


The main advantage of using the SMTP server type is if your templates include images, in which case the SMTP method will split the attachments in as many individual emails as needed to ensure that no email gets too large.


SMTP Settings


If you select SMTP as server type, then the user interface displays fields for you to specify the information below.


Full Name

Your name as you wish it to be displayed to recipients


Your full email address.


The name, or TCP/IP address, of the machine hosting your email server. This information must be supplied by your network administrator


For SMTP this value is usually 25.

Use Authentication

The User ID and Password will either be supplied to you by our technical support, or that of your company, depending on the server you plan to use to sent technical support emails.

Save attachments as ".zqq" files

Use this option to specify that files attached to technical support emails should be saved with the .zqq extension rather than the .zip extension. This will allow you to bypass some firewalls and email servers which block zip attachments.


If you cannot set email parameters


If you are not able to setup your email parameters, or if Q++Studio is prevented from sending emails by your firewall, then you can click on the Save button and then send the generated files using your own usual email client.


See also: technical support.