Setting your Email parameters

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Setting your Email parameters

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Click on the SETUP button to set the parameters of your account to your SMTP server. If you have never used the Q++Studio Technical Support Email feature, Q++Studio will automatically display this dialog when you send your first message.


The first choice to make is which Type of Email Server to use.


The recommended choice is SMTP which is fast and universal, but you can also choose to use Lotus Notes (version 5.0.2b or higher, 5.0.2c is recommended). If you choose to use Lotus Notes, you simply need to select that option. Your password will need to be entered in the main email dialog. Use the None setting if your PC does not have acces to the internet, this will make sure that you do not get a message 176465 everytime you click on the SAVE button to save attachments.


If you choose to use SMTP you will need to set the following values (the required information can either be obtained from an existing internet setup (for example by looking in the Internet Options of Microsoft's Internet Explorer), or from you network administrator) :


Full Name

your name as you wish it to be displayed to recipients


your full email address.


the name, or TCP/IP address, of the machine hosting your email server. This information must be supplied by your network administrator


for SMTP this value is usually 25



Additionally, you may want to select the option Use Authentification if you are experiencing problems sending emails through your corporate email server. In that case you should contact technical support and ask for an email account to be created for you on the email server. You will then use the value "" (without the quotation marks) as Server, and the User ID and Password supplied to you by technical support.


You can also use the Save attachments as ".z" files option to specify that files attached to technical support emails should be saved with the .z extension rather than the .zip extension. This will allow you to bypass thoughtlessly parameterized firewalls and email servers following the viruses that appeared in May 2004 with an infected attachment with the double extension .zip.exe or .zip.pif or .zip.bat. Thoughtlessly because stopping .zip files will not stop any of these file types, but will only cause problems for anyone trying to communicate with you


As mentioned above, if your email system is not SMTP compliant, nor is it Lotus Notes, you can still use the Q++Studio Technical Support to compress all the necessary files to document a problem you are having (using the Save button). You can then use your email client to manually send the files that have been compressed and collected for you in the c:\temp\qpp\email\ directory.

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