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Setting Email Parameters

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To use the technical support to send the current script and attachments via SMTP, you will need to setup the options below.


Use the None setting if your PC does not have access to the internet, this will make sure that you do not get a message 176465 every time you click on the SAVE button to save attachments.


Full Name

your name as you wish it to be displayed to recipients


your full email address.


the name, or TCP/IP address, of the machine hosting your email server. This information must be supplied by your network administrator


for SMTP this value is usually 25

Use Authentification

The User ID and Password will either be supplied to you by our technical support, or that of your company, depending on the server you plan to use to sent technical support emails.

Save attachments as ".zqq" files

Use this option to specify that files attached to technical support emails should be saved with the .zqq extension rather than the .zip extension. This will allow you to bypass some firewalls and email servers which block zip attachments.


If you cannot set email parameters


use the SAVE button if you cannot send emails via tech support

use the SAVE button if you cannot send emails via tech support

As mentioned above, if you are not able to setup your email parameters, or if Q++Studio is prevented from sending emails by your firewall, then you can click on the Save button and then send the generated files using your own usual email client


See also: technical support.