Specific Holidays Sets Modifier

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Specific Holidays Sets Modifier

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When you use the [Fa], [Fa1] or [Fa11] holidays tokens, Q++Studio searches through all the sets of the selected Holidays List to find holidays occurrences. There are some case, however, where you want to use the convenience of having many sets in a Holidays List, but wish to only look for holidays occurrences in the Nth set of that list.


The Specific Holidays Sets Modifier is appended to any of the 3 tokens above in the following form :


 [fa:XX] where XX is the position of the set in the a-Holidays


Note that if you want to also include Duration Modifiers, then these should be added after the specific holidays set modifier. For example :




Specific holidays set modifiers are often used to list holidays of many holidays sets over a year in holidays page.




The Specific Holidays Sets Modifiers functionality also applies to Holidays Symbols Tokens and can be used within the context of Holidays Response Tokens.


Finally, if you wish holidays that last many consecutive days to appear on the same line, you can use the Combine Multi-Day Holidays options of the Holidays (multiple) ScriptLine Property.


See also : GetHolSetNameOfId.

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