Style Sheets in QuarkXPress

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Style Sheets in QuarkXPress

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A Style Sheet is a collection of text-formatting attributes with a name.




Under QuarkXPress 3, style sheets were limited to paragraph style sheets (ie. a style sheet was applied to an entire paragraph), but with QuarkXPress 4 style sheets became character style sheets (ie. each individual character could use a different style sheet.


Style sheets are somewhat similar to user-defined colors and master pages; if you modify a style sheet, any text that uses that style sheet will automatically be modified to reflect the change in definition of this style sheet.


Generally style shhets can be quite useful and have no impact one way or the other on diary generation using Q++Studio. However, in some cases, mixing different QuarkXPress documents that use different style sheets with the same name but different definitions can cause Quark crashes. In those cases, you should use the Strip Style Sheets property.

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