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Font and Character Map

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The Font and Character Map tool allows you to select visually any character defined in any of the Unicode ranges.




Use this control to select any of the fonts installed on your computer. The list is not limited to "Unicode" fonts.


Font Selection


The list of fonts is displayed and accessible using an advanced font list (to see all available fonts, clear out the text of the control).


If you are using QuarkXPress 2018, or above, then the Screen Fonts and Quark 2018+ radio-group lets you specify if you wish to display only the screen fonts of your PC, or all the fonts used by QuarkXPress.



If you select Quark 2018+, then the Show PS Name check-box appears.


When this option is checked, the postscript name of the font appears in parentheses, near the name of the font.


This can be useful, as sometimes, the name of the font and the name of the postscript font (usually the same as the font filename, not font name), can vary, as in the example above right.


Font Preview


The central preview of available characters displays the available characters of the selected font, using that font.



This preview will be hidden in 2 cases, as shown above:


if the text of the font editor does not correspond to any valid font, as shown on the left,

or if Quark 2018+ fonts is selected and the selected font is a print-only font, which will work in QuarkXPress, but cannot be displayed on screen, as shown on the right.

For more details as to which fonts are which, on your PC, see the installed fonts viewer.


Use this control to select the Unicode range to display.


The list of fonts is displayed and accessible using an advanced list selector (to see all available entries, clear out the text of the control).


Below the Unicode Range selector, is the check-box Show Range Start.


Use this check-box to display the numerical start of each range of characters in the name, as shown in the image on the right.


This is useful when you are looking for a particular Unicode character and wish to see how it looks in a particular font (and if it does in fact exist in that font).

Side indices

The Indices shown at the left of the dialog correspond to the decimal (red) and hexadecimal (blue) and are useful, in conjunction with the Index listing option, if you know the Unicode index of the character that you wish to access.

Insert button

Click on the Insert button to add the character selected in the dialog to the edit box at the bottom of the dialog (you can also double-click on the selected character).


The Unicode Character Selection Dialog is accessible directly from various dialogs (such as the tokens manager) or, independently from the Character Map menu item of the tools menu.


See also: advanced font list combobox, installed fonts, font name issues, fonts usage report, fonts used in a template.