The Scripts Explorer

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The Scripts Explorer

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The Scripts Explorer is laid out, and functions, analogously to the Windows Explorer, and it lets you open, move, copy, delete and run scripts, all from within the same window.


Three buttons at the top left are particularly useful:



Clicking on the Directories button displays a list of folders that contain Scripts, and clicking on the folder button next to it lets you create a new folder from within Q++Studio. The Scripts button displays a popup menu with all the actions you can perform on Scripts.


You can sort, filter and group, as well as select multiple scripts in the list of Scripts on the right of the Scripts Explorer using the Advanced Data Grid.


The actions you can perform on a single Script are :





Previewing and Opening its GridTemplates.

Viewing its Properties Previewing its ScriptLines.


You can also act on multiple Scripts, as long as they are in the same folder :






Except for the possibility of viewing the Scripts' main properties, without opening them, there are specific dialogs to perform all the actions the Scripts Explorer is capable of. One advantage of the Scripts Explorer over the function specific dialogs, is that you can copy, move and delete multiple Scripts, without having to open them.


In the end, which one you use is a matter of preference and depends on the circumstances. The dialogs specific to an given manipulation are more focused and presumably faster to use. On the other hand the Scripts Explorer lets you perform many different operations from within the same dialog, as well as giving you the Scripts properties, including previews.

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