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Updating Missing Quark Files

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This menu item, located on the templates menu lets you update all the Quark Files and GridTemplates paths of the current script. This is particularly useful if you have moved all the Quark files related to a particular job to a new folder.


When the search is complete, and the QuarkXPress files that could be found, have been updated, a dialog appears informing you of the number of paths that could not be updated and the reason why (this search will be much faster if you are using EFS to locate QuarkXPress files as recommended).



The initial search is only performed on the local Q:\ drive (as specified by the Primary HTTP Server). You are then given the choice of letting Q++Studio guide you through the list of missing QuarkXPress files (or those for which more than one file was found), one-by-one, displaying the single missing QuarkXPress file update dialog each time, and searching through the secondary HTTP server(s) if any are defined.


See also: updating the path to a single QuarkXPress file and updating missing PDF files.