What's New in Q++Studio ?

This file is based on the XV4 64-bit Build 20284 of 19-feb-2019.

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What's New in Q++Studio ?

This file is based on the XV4 64-bit Build 20284 of 19-feb-2019.

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The full review of the online documentation is moving along. Referring to the table of contents on the left, the following main chapters have now been fully reviewed and updated: Introduction, The Q++Studio Environment, Scripts, ScriptLines, ScriptLine Properties, GridTemplates, Tokens, Languages, Holidays, Saints and Namedays, Slogans, Moon Data, Sun Data, Muslim Data, Jewish Data, Saras, Macros, Preferences, Tools, Technical Support, Help Tools, and Administration. We expect this review to be completed by the end of April 2019.


February 19, 2019 (build 20284)




Optimized the compilation and linking of the main executable, reducing its size by over 55%.

Messages from the LogMessage macro function were being displayed as errors in the diary generation messages dialog.

Fixed a few UI glitches of text controls not being aligned with each other, in particular in the holidays recurrence rules.




Calling the macro functions Assert and RaiseError with the parameter bAbortScript set to true would not abort the script; it would just keep logging the errors until the end of the script (12-feb-2019).

When re-opening the breakpoint editor of the macros debugger, the previously-selected variable would no longer be selected (9-feb-2019).

Fixed a couple of UI glitches in the macros editor. When pressing F3 in the macros editor, an unfiltered list of functions would be displayed, instead of one limited to function of the right type, and the parameter list of void functions would be truncated (9-feb-2019).

Fixed a rare bug which would occur when using the tab character insertion minicalendar modifier, with a split minicalendar whose first half did not have trailing empty positions (JMata, 7-feb-2019).

Fixed a bug in the Saras Sets Manager which would prevent the loading of a Saras Set if that set had initially been saved and closed without any Saras in it (Alpha Edition, 6-feb-2019).

Fixed a bug in the find saints and namedays dialog which would raise an error if some orphan saints were in the list of found results (6-feb-2019).

Fixed a bug in the find slogan dialog whereby the specific slogan selected in the list of results would not be selected in the slogans manager if the type of slogan set was month and day (6-feb-2019).



January 31, 2019 (build 20151)




Q++Studio is compatible with the January 2019 Update 14.2.1 of Quark 2018.

In the holidays manager, you can now go back or forward in the history of your selection of holidays sets, as you would, for example in a web browser.




Improved the usability of the specific dates property editor (drag and drop to add or remove a date and double-click on a date to add it to the list of fixed dates).

The popup hints displaying the details of a change in the holidays changes logs have been redesigned to better show the from and to changes on separate lines.

The user interface of the slogan rules property editor has been fully re-designed.

The diary generation status dialog now displays the progress of page deletion due either to zap tokens, conditional tokens, macros or saras. This avoids, for scripts that use page deletion, the delay between the end of text overflow checking and the shutting down of QuarkXPress.

In the holidays manager, the sample dates for the current year and the year after are now better highlighted.




Added code to force QuarkXPress to always insert pages of non-facing pages output files on a new spread (Grieg, 30-jan-2019).

The vertical guides of the Quark files used in a script were being applied incorrectly in the output file when the incoming template pages were facing each other or had odd layouts, such as 2 facing pages to the right of the spine and nothing on the left of the spine (Zettler, 28-jan-2019).

Added code to gracefully recover when encountering a corrupted bitmap or PNG preview of a Template or set of QuarkPages (Blueline, 15-jan-2019).

Some dialogs would straddle 2 screens on dual-monitor systems (10-jan-2019).

Fixed a dates array whose memory was nor being fully re-initialized each time a GridTemplate was being re-scanned, causing ghost dates to be used in insertion rules, in some extremely rare cases of removing dayvalue marker tokens from a template into which another template was being inserted, and which contained no tokens on any page other then the first (Nippecraft, 8-jan-2019).

Fixed a small memory leak that would occur when changing the list of the exceptions of a recurring holiday (5-jan-2019).

Fixed an extremely rare exception that could occur after re-scanning a template, due to a partially initialized array (4-jan-2019).



See also: release notes for previous years.

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