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Q++Studio XE3 Version Features

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Below is a more detailed list of the new features introduced with the XE3 version of Q++Studio at the time it was released, on September 1st, 2018. For a list of more recent features and improvements, see the what's new? and release notes topics.




The feature set from 20 years of development and user experience.

Multiple UI improvements.

The XE3 version of Q++Studio is a fully re-written, and yet users will find all the previous features in the same UI location.

The XE3 version remains one with lightweight demands on the hardware and OS specifications.

Maintains an emphasis on backward compatibility with older versions of QuarkXPress and Windows.




New optimized new 32-bit database engine with optimized one-way SQL transactions.

Native 32-bit executable and libraries.

Full internal and UI support for Windows 10.

Legacy support for Windows XP and 32-bit operating systems.

Native WoW 64-bit libraries for QuarkXPress 2015-2022.

Support for QuarkXPress versions 5-9 on Windows XP.

Support for QuarkXPress versions 8-2018 on Windows 7.

Support for QuarkXPress versions 9-2022 on Windows 10 and 11.

Support for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 on the client side.

Runs on the any version of Windows 7 and Windows 10 on the server side.

Improved worldwide public holidays synchronization. In particular, you can now Synchronize per source country rather than following the TreeView of your list of holidays.

If a holiday name is too long to fit in the width of its column, or if the holiday name runs over more than one line, then the name is cut-off with three dots indicating that the name is not fully displayed, and placing your mouse over any of these holidays then shows the full name as a hint.

Implemented the ISNA/FCNA Muslim calendar used for North America.

UI improvements to the list of recurring holidays and one-time-dates.

The Saras results dialog now allows message results of 512 characters instead of the previous limit of 200 characters.

Warnings about Saras using an undefined color now include the name of the color and the position of the Sara in the list.

Warnings are now issued if a Sara refers to a font which is unavailable.

If you click on any of the design-time messages that refer to a specific SARA, you are now taken directly to that SARA.

Frame thickness in Macros and Minicalendars Options can now be specified in 1/100th of a point (was previously limited to 1/10th of a point).

Improved and modernized the UI of the Update Quark Template Path dialog with a segmented path editor and the displaying of the found files' modification date and size (in case more than one is found).

Warnings about minicalendars, macros or GenTokens using an undefined color or an unavailable font now include the name of the color/font and more information about the specific sub-option from which the warning came.

Optimized detection of missing fonts.

By including "HYPH" (in uppercase, without the double-quotes) in the name of one or more H&J assets, you can now specify that these H&J assets should keep hyphenation even though you are using the recommended default remove hyphenation diary generation option.

Improved, expanded, and faster, 32-bit astronomical calculations library.


On-going development


Q++Studio is continuously being improved. For a list of the most recent new features, see the what's new? page.



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