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XML Script Manipulation - Copying Complex Structures

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You can copy complex data structures between scripts or within the same script, using the XML Scripts Editor, which displays 2 xml script viewers, side-by-side.



The Replace button of the XML Scripts Editor is enabled, whenever compatible options are selected in both XML files, allowing you to copy the entire selection from the left to the right XML script file.


Example 1: Copying Holidays Sets


In this example example, we replace the entire a-Holidays, by the contents of the i-holidays, as shown below.



Example 2: Copying Macros Options


The concept of compatible options goes further. In the example below, the resulting actions if true of macro 1 are copied to the macro resulting actions if false of macro 4.



Example 3: Copying Font Settings in Minicalendar Options


In the example below, the detailed fonts attributes, used for the current week dates, are copied to the holidays1 options.