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Q++Studio Application Errors

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Application errors are messages which are displayed in a dialog box, as shown above, with the caption An unexpected application error has occurred.


In most cases, this is just an error message and usually you can click on the continue application button and keep working.


If you do not understand the error, you should send the error report to technical support, as described below. But, after that, your first reflex should be to click on the continue application button and keep working.


Although this dialog is compact, when it appears, it can be expanded to reveal full details as to the origin of the error encountered, and can be used to send that information to technical support.


What should you do when this dialog appears ?


You should use the mail error report button to ensure that all relevant information is sent to technical support.


Sending a screenshot of the closed dialog, as it appears above, supplies no useful information to technical support.


If you cannot use the mail error report button because you do not have an internet connection, and if you can only send a screenshot, then you should open the dialog by clicking on the show error report button and select the call stack panel (as shown on the right) before taking a screenshot.


Once you have generated a screenshot, you can send it via email to technical support.


See also: messages overview.


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