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Converting Slogans Sets from One Type to Another

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Using the More button of the individual slogans toolbar of the slogans manager, you can convert Slogans Sets from one type to another.


The various conversion options are shown in the image on the right. Not all conversions are possible for all types of slogans sets.


Conversion is only possible from a type that has more information, to a type that has less information, as the conversion cannot guess what the missing information would be.




Specific Dates types can be converted down to all other types; month-day, cyclical and run-once.

Month and Day types can be converted in 2 ways:

o down to cyclical and run-once.

oup to specific dates by selecting a year to apply to all the slogans of the set.

Cyclical and Run-once, being basically the same type, apart from the repeating nature of the cyclical type, can be converted from one to another, but not to any other type.


See also: slogans sets types and batch slogans tools.


Topic 182400, last updated on 01-May-2022