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[DEL] Delete Characters from Insertion Point

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The [DEL] token allows you to specify that characters to the left, or right, of the token should be deleted.


The use of the token is as follows:






The values for direction have the following meaning:



Delete to the LEFT (similar to the Backspace key)


Delete to the RIGHT (similar to the Delete key)




The values for size have the following meaning:


1 -> 999

Delete the corresponding number of characters


Delete all characters until the beginning of the textbox (with L) or to the end of the textbox (with R).


Delete as many characters are needed to get rid of text overflow (does nothing if there is no text overflow). Note that text is considered to fit in the box either if there is no overflow, or if the overflow is caused by a next box character in a chain of linked textboxes.


Note that return characters (soft or hard) are counted as only one character each.


See also: other layout tokens.


Topic 178660, last updated on 04-May-2021