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Editing Jewish Data Sources

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Jewish Data Sources are created in the Jewish Data Sources Manager.


These sources are based on astronomical calculations use the specifics of an observer's position to calculate when various Jewish events will occur as seen from that geographical position.


The Name field is used to identify the Jewish data source with a geographical location.



You can use the look-up button on the left to select a city and its Coordinates from the list of 2000 cities. Additional cities and locations can be obtained online.


If you have already created a location for another type of data (lunar, Jewish, Muslim) then you can use the look-up button on the right to clone the coordinates and summer time information from that other location.

Note that time zone and summer times changes occur often in the world and that you should verify the summertime rules obtained from the sample cities.


If a location follows Summer Time rules, then you should always specify its rules here, even if you do not wish to have the jewish tokens values affected by changes in summer time. You can always, for each specific script set the option Ignore Summer Times, even if source uses them in the jewish data source property to ignore summer time rules for a given script.


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