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Exporting Jewish Data

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You can export Jewish times of day to an MS-Excel file from the Jewish Data Manager, by clicking on the Export button at the top left of that dialog.



The various options available are enabled or disabled depending on the type of the Jewish Data Source which you are exporting.


Date Range

Use the Start Date and Finish Date calendars to specify the range of dates to export Jewish Data for.

Ignore Summer Time Changes

Use this option if you do not wish the generated times to take summer times changes into account (assuming that the location selected has summer time rules and that the source is of the Calculated type).


Lets you specify whether to and how to handle the calculation of Dawn, Shema and Dusk times (see Jewish Times for a description of these options).

Export all variations

Use this option to generate Jewish times of day using all the different variants. Note that this option will generate a file which has 2 different dawns, 2 different Shemas, and 4 different dusks.


Lets you specify the output file name, and whether it should be opened automatically at the end of the exportation. The option to Overwrite existing file is true by default.


The main reason to export Jewish Data is to generate an Excel file that can be checked by proofreaders.


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