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int = GetHolDurationFromTable()


This macro function returns the duration of the current holiday (ie. how many days it lasts) in the holidays table.


The macro code below looks for the first holiday of nHolSetID on n_TokenDate and displays a message containing the number of days which this holiday lasts for.

// initialize the holidays table
// check if there is a holiday today
if FindNextHolidayOnDate(n_TokenDate, nHolSetID)
   sName = GetHolNameFromTable()
   nNumDays = GetHolDurationFromTable()
   if nNumDays > 1
      sRESULT = 'The holiday "' + sName + '" lasts ' + IntToStr(nNumDays) + ' days'
      sRESULT = 'Holiday "' + sName + '" only lasts one day'

See also: GetHolDurationPositionFromTable, GetHolNameFromTable.


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