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str = GetHolNameFromTable()


This macro function returns the name of the current holiday in the holidays table.


The current holiday in the holidays table is due to previous calls to functions which move the cursor in the holidays table, such as FindNextHolidayOnDate and GetNextDateForHolidayId.


If the name of the holiday does not contain any formatting, such as bold, italics, underline, then calling GetHolNameFromTable() will have the same result as calling GetHolTextFromTable(false).


If, however, the name of the holiday contains any formatting, as in the example above, then as is the case when using the FormatParagraph and FormatText, the result of a call to the function GetHolNameFromTable will look like '**RICH1**except WA & QLD**TEXT1**' with a command is saved for later processing, to replace the string '**RICH1**except WA & QLD**TEXT1**' with 'except WA & QLD' in the italics formatting specified above.


If you only need to get the plain text part of a holiday name, for example to see if it contains some given text, then you should use the GetHolTextFromTable function instead.


See also: GetHolDateFromTable, GetHolIdFromTable, GetHolTextFromTable.


Topic 105137, last updated on 20-May-2020