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str = GetHolNameAdjusted(sFullHolName, nCurDate, nCurHolID)


This macro function evaluates what would be the adjusted name of a holiday of full name sFullHolName on the date nCurDate and based on the recurring holiday of ID nCurHolID.


This function is similar to calling GetHolTextFromTable with its parameter bFullText set to false, as can be seen in the macro code below.

// initialize the holidays table
if FindNextHolidayOnDate(n_TokenDate, nHolSetID)
   // get the holiday name from the database
   sFromTable = GetHolTextFromTable(false) 
   // get some more info from the current holiday
   nCurHolID = GetHolIdFromTable()
   sFullText = GetHolTextFromTable(true)
   // now get the holiday name using GetHolNameAdjusted 
   sFromFunction = GetHolNameAdjusted(sFullText, n_TokenDate, nCurHolID)
   // sFromTable and sFromFunction should be the same
   Assert(sFromTable == sFromFunction, 'should never happen', true)

See also: GetHolTextFromTable.


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