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Holiday Recurrence Rule Conflicts

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The Conflicts setting of  recurrence rule used is specified in the Conflicts panel of the recurrence rules tab control of the holidays manager.


The Conflicts recurrence options lets you specify that a holiday should be moved or deleted, if it occurs on the same date as (conflicts with) another recurring holiday or holidays set.


Same set conflicts

Cheng Ming, Macau

Cheng Ming, Macau

Specific set conflicts

Specific holiday conflicts

Mothers' Day, Lithuania

Mothers' Day, Lithuania


Conflict rules, do not take one-time-dates into account, even those for any holiday in the current set.


Conflict with Multi-Day Holidays


If the conflict rules for Holiday A point to Holiday B, and Holiday B lasts for more than one day, then a conflict will be noted if the date of Holiday A corresponds with any of the dates of Holiday B.


Accidental Deletion


To prevent the accidental deletion of a holiday that is referred to in another holiday's conflict rules, whenever you delete a holidays set or a recurring holiday, you can run a check for links to a holidays set (all the holidays within a holidays set that have links pointing to them from other holidays) and links to a holidays rule (all the holidays whose rules point to a specific holiday), respectively.


When you generate holidays, any broken links are tracked and logged, and you can view this log from the Data => Holidays Tools => Conflicts Logs menu sequence.


Topic 173430, last updated on 20-May-2020