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Bhutanese Holidays Rules

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The Bhutanese Calendar holiday recurrence rule type is for holidays based on either the Bhutanese lunar calendar or the Bhutanese solar calendar, both of which share the same structure, albeit with different date offsets, as the Tibetan calendars and Mongolian calendars.


Bhutanese lunar holidays

Bhutanese lunar holidays consist of a month-day pair and the specification of whether the holiday should be observed on the leap month and/or leap day (if applicable).


Zhabdrung Kuchhoe (Bhutan)

Zhabdrung Kuchhoe (Bhutan)

Bhutanese solar holidays

Bhutanese solar holidays consist of a mansion/sub-mansion pair.

Thrue Bab (Bhutan)

Thrue Bab (Bhutan)


The majority of Bhutan's public holidays, the only country which observes public holidays based on the Bhutanese calendar, are lunar.


See also: other types of recurrence rules and recurrence rules options.


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