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Moon Phases Example of Duration Tokens

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In this example, we consider how to use a duration suffix with the [mp] moon phase token to display a list of moon phases over a period of time, as in the example below.




The example above is generated by the use of the moon and sun options settings shown on the right.



Some remarks about the above example and settings:


The [mp] token is the only moon token that can be used with a duration suffix, but in the moon options property you can include other moon tokens in the text to be displayed on the left and/or right of each occurrence of a moon phase, as was done above.

The moon phase symbols do not necessarily need to appear in the result of any moon duration token. In the example above, if we had not wanted to show the moon phase symbol, we could simply have un-checked the duration tokens checkbox at the top.

You can filter-out some of the Moon phases that you do not wish to display, by setting their symbol to a blank space, as described here. In such cases, if the Moon phase symbol is blank, then none of the surround symbol settings will be triggered.

You can restrict he range of Moon phases displayed using moon phases count suffixes


As always, the calculations used for this token are based on the location specified by the Moon Data Source property. If more than one source is selected, you can specify which source to use by appending a digit that corresponds to that source's position in the list of selected sources.


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