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Muslim Times of the Day Display Options

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The Muslim Prayer times tab of the Times of Day options dialog is used to specify how muslim times tokens display the various muslim prayer times.


For each prayer, the display options are:



The format in which to display the times obtained. A few pre-formatted selections are available, and you can create your own. This formatting is described in the topic Time Formatting. You should generally avoid using any formatting string that contains characters that refer to Windows global variables, since these can change on each workstation.

Round to

Nearest Minute


Use this option to round off times to the nearest minute. For example, suppose we had the 2 following times: 07:33:13 and 17:24:43. With this option turned OFF, these times would be displayed as 07:33 and 17:24. However, if this option is turned ON, then these 2 times would be displayed as 07:33 and 17:24 (note how the 17:24 was rounded up to 17:25). This setting is display-related and is not the same as safety times.


This setting lets you specify that minutes should be displayed with different attributes than the original token (hence than the hours). Usually this setting is used to display the minutes in a smaller size font than the hours.


For locations that are situated above 48 degrees north, in the summer months, there are dates on which there is no dawn or dusk. It is therefore necessary to use a special rule to ensure that a time is obtained for the Fajr and Isha prayers. On these dates, you may want to append some text (a * for example) to the time to alert the reader to the use of one of the 4 approximations.


Sample output showing the effect of the format selected above on a time before noon and a time after noon.


Remember that the above settings determine how the times are displayed; but the times are calculated based on the source selected and the calculation options specified in the Muslim Data properties.


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